CX Genius is a Customer Experience Consultancy founded and led by Aly Richards, who has extensive experience in leading organisations to achieve success through CX.

  • Persona Development – Unique approach for defining your audience, personas, customers and clients.

  • Customer Journey Mapping – Your customers journey is an emotional decision making experience

  • Live Journey Management – To optimise and consistently improve customers experiences, they must be managed live.

I cannot think of any individual who is having a greater beneficial impact on CX practice. I first met Aly when she presented in Cranfield on the inspirational Vision project which she drove at O2. The marketing faculty felt that day that we’d just been shown a glimpse of the future of marketing, and everything I’ve seen since then confirms that initial excitement. Ten interviews in O2 by a then Cranfield colleague (and now marketing director at Cisco Services Europe, Chris Bailey) confirmed the extraordinary reality behind the story. Numerous senior blue-chip marketers have testified to me as to how much they’ve learned from Aly as she’s applied her CxM principles to other clients. She understands through hard experience how to create business value from an individualised, customer-centric, relevant dialogue with customers, and how to make it happen through technology, processes, structure, culture and organisational change. Organises a mean conference to boot! And a delight to work with.

Hugh Wilson, Professor Of Marketing at University of Warwick - Warwick Business School

Aly is one of the top CX architects in Marketing today. Her understanding and capability in the area of CX solutions coupled with strong man-management and excellent leadership skills make her a valuable asset to any organisation. Gifted with extreme intelligence and also able to communicate her ideas and direction to a mixed skilled audience means she is also bomb-proof in front of customers. She can do the strategy and execute as well. Human, empathetic and fun to work with.

Helen Wylde, Chief Engagement Officer at Connected Places Catapult

Quite simply one of the most talented CX individuals I have ever come across – able to cut through marketing hype and deliver very real, tangible ROI in CX investments. Understands (and often leads on thinking) in use of current and breaking technology in CX context.

Angus Cormie, Ecommerce Director - Dell EMEA

I really enjoyed working with Aly. She is hugely energetic, a lot of fun, and customers and partners really respect her for her industry knowledge and expertise. Creativity in marketing is not unusual, but Aly’s differentiator is that she would always come back with something bigger and better than we had discussed. And somehow this would be achieved on a limited budget. She understands the full breadth of the marketing model from brand value through to lead generation for sales. As a member of the management team, she challenges traditional thinking and pushes everyone to achieve more. Aly would be a great asset to any forward thinking and ambitious organisation.

Bryan Richter, Notion Expert at Notion Capital, NED and Strategic Board Advisor

Aly possesses that rare ability to translate business needs into the specific initiatives required to satisfy those needs and then, in turn, to identify the specific capabilities required to implement those initiatives. Specifically, Aly has vast expertise in the area of decisioning strategies, methods and technologies. Her talents of integrating decisioning into a well-defined customer experience have helped organizations worldwide engage in relevant interactions with their customers over time and across channels to drive lasting, profitable relationships. Organizations navigating the path to becoming more customer-centric by employing advanced capabilities that provide sustained competitive advantage would be well-served to have Aly as their guide.

Scott DeAngelo, Chief Marketing Officer at Allegiant
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