RBS Case Study

Marketing for financial services is difficult. In this article we show how several of the big challenges were tackled by an implementation of Odyssiant at RBS. A good way to “heard the cats” and to understand the challenges for financial services marketing is by using the “4P’s of marketing” [...]

Needs and Wants

Customer Journey Mapping - needs & wants I want chocolate cake, but I need an apple. I might also want an apple, but I probably don’t need chocolate cake! (Probably.) What has this got to do with Customer Journey Mapping? If I can get your attention away from the [...]

Persona -> Needs -> Map -> Content -> Marketing Funnel -> Sales Funnel -> Customer

In my previous article “Customer Journey Mapping - Needs & Wants”, I discussed how customers’ needs change throughout their buying journey. That represents a challenge for us marketers and customer experience managers – How do you create the right content to support that journey? Before looking at what content [...]

The Commercial Benefits of Customer Journey Management

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) who design and incorporate customer journey management as part of their overall activities outperform all others by 54% (24.9% vs 16.2%) in annual improvement on ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) according a recent report from the Aberdeen Group: But the respondents to the survey cited [...]

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