What is the role of content in the buyer journey

WARNING: Read this article before spending any more on sales funnels, marketing automation and “always on” marketing! What you don’t know about marketing and sales funnels that could cost you tens-of-thousands and threaten your return on marketing investment: 6 Reasons that shouting louder and spending more on systems and adverts than [...]

Vendors going around IT

Here’s an interesting question that I was asked this week: “How do I stop software vendors going around me and going direct to the business?” – Enterprise Architect, large business, well-known brand. In short, you can’t, and it will get worse. Much like mechanisation drove the industrial revolution, we [...]

Needs and Wants

Customer Journey Mapping - needs & wants I want chocolate cake, but I need an apple. I might also want an apple, but I probably don’t need chocolate cake! (Probably.) What has this got to do with Customer Journey Mapping? If I can get your attention away from the [...]

Audience journey planning is the first step to commercialising content marketing

“Holy Grail”, “Elephant in the Room”, “64 million dollar question”, whatever idiom you want to give it, the marketing industry is quite rightly obsessed by ROI. In the world of content marketing, the initial feeling was that this was a discipline that had ROI at its heart. After all, [...]

Website Politics

Who should own your website? Marketing? Sales? Digital? Headquarters? Regions or countries?Group or op-cos? I’ll stop there as the list could go on, but the point is that there are lots of internal interests involved when it comes to the website. Of course that’s no surprise given that every [...]

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