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Mapping the Buying Journey

A few weeks ago, I treated myself with a pair of Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones. They’re brilliant. I love them. But even though they have been available for some time and I love Bose equipment, I only bought them just a few weeks ago. Why not sooner? Because I wasn’t finished with my buyer's journey. You see, there are very few things and products that we buy on impulse. Water, chocolate, [...]

What is the role of content in the buyer journey

WARNING: Read this article before spending any more on sales funnels, marketing automation and “always on” marketing! What you don’t know about marketing and sales funnels that could cost you tens-of-thousands and threaten your return on marketing investment: 6 Reasons that shouting louder and spending more on systems and adverts than the competition doesn’t work. 5 Factors you must consider before implementing marketing automation. The dirty little secrets no software vendor [...]

RBS Case Study

Marketing for financial services is difficult. In this article we show how several of the big challenges were tackled by an implementation of Odyssiant at RBS. A good way to “heard the cats” and to understand the challenges for financial services marketing is by using the “4P’s of marketing” and reviewing the questions that you need to ask to define your marketing mix. Product: What does your customer want [...]

The difference between a buyer journey and a customer journey

Anyone who has invested the time mapping the end-to-end customer journey for their business will almost certainly have come across one simple revelation: it is not one journey, it’s two journeys. In reality it could be many more than two journeys depending on the nature of the business. However, the two journeys that will always need to be separately mapped are the ‘buyer journey’ and the ‘customer journey’. The [...]

Spinning Wheel of Engagement

PR and marketing has fallen into a trap. This trap is something we call the ‘spinning wheel of engagement’. PR and marketing teams have become very good at engaging their target audiences online and within social media. Like good little hamsters attracted by some food, the target audience is being drawn in and clicking their ‘follow’ and ‘like’ buttons. And then…nothing. The engagement wheel goes round and round but [...]

Dynamic content personalises the journey

Personalising content is not hard.... The quest for personalisation remains a marketing obsession, and rightly so. Simply treating customers as a collective mass where the individual’s needs does not matter lacks common-sense and conflicts with customer expectations. However, achieving personalisation is considered hard. After all, to truly personalise the customer journey you need to understand individual needs and serve the right content for their current step in the journey. [...]

The biggest challenge of setting up an AI for marketing

As marketers begin to seek practical applications of AI, they are encountering the first challenges. However, the biggest challenge of all is data. Almost all AIs require “training”, this means preparing historical data so that it can learn what has happened in the past to predict what might happen in the future. This “predictive model” can then be applied to a live engagement to determine a likelihood of an [...]

Where are your customers on the pre-sales journey?

Two questions with profound consequences for how your market and sell to your customers today Question 1: How many customers make it from your marketing activities through to a sale? Question 2: How many customers are making it from your marketing activities through to a sale right now? Nonsense questions? Not so, although you will be surprised how easy they are to answer. More importantly though, how much value [...]

Knowing your customers needs

If I’m going to buy from you, I need to know you can meet my needs; that’s a no brainer. If I’m going to engage with your company’s marketing, I also need to feel it’s relevant to my needs; that’s a no brainer also. The challenge is linking the two together so that the outbound marketing connects with my needs through the buying journey; that’s harder but as we [...]

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